Welcome to Qubekela Projects cc

Steel Pipelines, Outfall Sewer & Internal Reticulation Works

Qubekela Projects cc is a 51% black owned company. We are committed to the principle of Black Economic Empowerment, Our BEE status is a Level 1 Contributor.

The company employs between 200 - 300 people at any given time, most are from local communities and Previously Disadvantages Individual. The community skills are developed through the training and guidance received from experienced employees with whom they work with.

Qubekela Projects cc was established in February 2004 by Massimiliano Valente, Peter Gumbi and Lindokuhle Mkhonza.


Massimiliano Valente imparts his 24 years expertise in the Civil Engineering Industry in South Africa.

Peter Gumbi imparts his 32 years experience in the Building Industry and has also completed his SHE Representative course in 2004.

Lindokuhle Mkhonza imparts 16 years experience in Civil Engineering Projects and Administration.

Core Activities

Qubekela Projects cc is specializing in installation of Water & Sewer Reticulation, Storm water, Steel Pipeline, Concrete structures, Reservoirs and Pipe Jacking and other related fields.


Qubekela Projects is a registered close corporation that is governed by the Close Corporation Act, administered by Company and Intellectual Property Registration Office. Reg No ( 2004/011833/23)

VAT NO: 453 021 0253

CIDB Registration Number: 104 722

CIDB Grading Designation: 8CE PE


We emphasize that every employee has the right to a safe and healthy environment in a workplace. The company has a safety committee that ensures that every employee execute their tasks in a safe and correct manner.